anna archibald                 


this isn’t my grandmother’s house, but it might as well be

my mother's journal, original text, found photographs, 2018

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Installation view

List of Foods That Might Have Killed Him

[Series of 5 images printed at 30x45”] original design stationary sheets inkjet printed on paper, list of “harmful foods to avoid” for Polycystic Kidney Disease (transcribed from, original poetry, 2019

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There's Nothing More Hawaiian Than This Plate

collection of notes and poetry on “paradise” and food service, 2018- ongoing

Some of the Windows Are Clear

glass, wood, plexiglass, inkjet prints on transparencies, found photographs, office supplies, green tea, asahi tallboy, clean laundry, broken chain, bobby pins, chopsticks, loose change, orange peel, house keys, champagne cork, tape,

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Night Fishing (after The Book of Joe)

(interactive sculpture) overhead projector, custom table, transparencies, 2019

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                                              detail of light table